Musical Instruments Factory
Founded in 1991
Voronezh Musical Instruments Factory AKKO was founded in 1991 by the Merited Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Avralyov.

The factory is one of the biggest manufacturers of solid plank bayans and accordions in Russia.
The factory has a closed-loop
production process
Preserving the traditions of musical instrument making, the manufacturer has developed and introduced many innovative design ideas. These ideas make the sound of the AKKO instruments truly unique.
The factory produces more than 60 models of bayans and accordions
AKKO's top priority is to produce high-quality hand-made solid plank instruments. The factory has been developing gradually, improving the sound and design features of the instruments in accordance with the latest trends.

The product range is designed to perform various music genres: classic, folk, jazz, musette, etc. The manufacturer always takes into account the desires of the client when designing an instrument.

Each AKKO instrument carries a small part of the master’s soul inside
Musicians from all over the world play AKKO instruments.

A thorough control and a creative approach towards each performer help the factory remain the leader in the instrument production, working on the ways to perfect itself and developing new models that fit the ever-changing programme of bayan and accordion players.

AKKO promotes the preservation and development of professional folk instrument performance, supporting young musicians, sponsoring musical competitions and festivals, as well as organizing the Vladimir Avralyov annual festival.
Product Range
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standard setting-free bass
standard setting
standard setting-free bass
standard setting
free bass
Vladimir Nevsky Street, bld. 39a, Voronezh, Russia
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Voronezh Musical Instruments Factory AKKO